Are you a first time buyer that really isn’t sure which way to go with your first purchase? Maybe you have been in a single family home for years and are wondering if it is time to consider a condominium, or maybe you are a condo owner thinking about making the move to a single family dwelling. Whatever your circumstance, we thought that we would cover some of the basic pro’s and con’s of each.

Condominium ownership allows a person to own a predetermined area of space, that may or may not include land, and to share in the ownership of all common areas such as hallways, foundation, stairs, social rooms, etc. under a legal arrangement. With a single family house the owner owns everything and is solely responsible for the entire property. A house entitles the owner to the rights of the land and all permanently attached structures and the air above it.

In both instances owners of condos and houses have title of ownership and tax responsibilities and can rent and sell the property that they have ownership of. 

Because condo owners share ownership for common areas and because of this, by-laws are established to set certain rules and manage the property. A condo association is formed (usually a group of owners) that enforce,change and create by-laws. By-laws will usually cover areas such as noise, pets, common area usage, exterior decoration restrictions, interior renovations, and so on.

In addition, the common areas need to be maintained, cleaned and repaired and thus financial responsibility for common areas is shared by all the owners. Typically it is a monthly association fee that is paid into a fund to cover everything. This monthly fee will take into account extended repairs that may be needed in the future.

With a single family home everything is yours. There are no association rules and no association fees. There may also be a tendency for single family homes to appreciate in value more quickly than a condominium. With a single family home you enjoy more privacy, more control, and have sole responsibility for the property including all maintenance and repairs.

Depending on your needs and wants, either could be a great move for you and your family. To say one is better than the other comes purely from someones point of view. To look at your options and compare the two, contact Pete and John or visit our website to view our listings.

For so many anglers, this week can be the longest week of the year. Fear not faithful; fishermen and women, Saturday will come! We thought it would be fun to make a list of the top 5 signs that you may have gone overboard waiting for the fishing opener.

1. You tie a doggie treat to your line on your fishing pole, and cast towards your sleeping dog.

2. Your spouse wakes up and finds you curled up in your boat sleeping.

3. You call in sick to work, so you can stay home and watch YouTube videos of fishing.

4. You spend your lunch hour downloading fishing apps on your smart phone.

5. You drive by your favorite fishing lake 2-3 times a day, just like in high school how you drove by that girls house that you secretly liked.

Last but not least we will leave you with this great YouTube video of fishing bloopers. Before we do though, Pete and John would like to wish you the very best this fishing opener! Go out and catch the big one!

There are many of us that want to be able to do our part for the environment, but how many of us really do not

Northeast Library

even know where to begin? The Northeast Library in collaboration with Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, will be holding a meeting on May 5th from 11-12 that will address the basics, including options for installation in the state of Minnesota. Some of the topics that will be covered will be solar PV, solar hot water and space heating, and more. The address for the Northeast Library is 2200 Central Ave NE Mpls 55418. Their phone number is 612-543-6775 for more information.

Buying or selling in Northeast Minneapolis? Go with a team that has the years of experience you need for results in the NE Minneapolis area, and surrounding community. Pete and John are your friendly, neighborhood realty team. To go to our listings and contact info, click here!

With the continued uptick in the Real Estate market, it is now even more important that you hire a professional

Realtor to assist with the buying or selling of your

home. There are a few  factors for the growth, with

the first one being the continued low interest rates

that are available to buyers.

Many are predicting that the interest rates will

slowly move upward this coming year, but no one

really knows how long these rates will last, and as a

result anyone that is considering buying, or has been

holding off buying, is now motivated to make a

move before it is too late.

Economists are predicting the unemployment rate to go down for 2012 which has encouraged Freddie Mac to

revise the Real Estate market to continue upward. With the variety of positive indicators, it is easy to see that

 2012 could be shaping up to be a very good year for Real Estate. If you are considering a move in Real

Estate,  and do not want to miss out on the current low interest rates,  contact us to discuss your needs.

The Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley has been around for many years, yet there are still many who have not heard of it or not visited. If you are new to the area or thinking of moving into the area, you will definitely want to put this on your “to do” list. In a typical year the park will have around 200,000 visitors.  The park is 127 acres and is owned by the City of Fridley and offers many educational opportunities and events that people of all ages will enjoy.  If you just want to come and hang out or do your own thing, you can enjoy the three miles of hiking trails through the forest, prairie, savannah and wetland habitats, including floating boardwalks.  There are quiet places to relax like park benches, kiosks and a meditation garden. Meeting rooms, and restrooms are available also. Take the time to explore this great nature center in the city of Fridley. If you are looking for real estate in the Fridley area give Pete and John a call, they would be glad to show you around.

The 2012 Real Estate market is off to a strong start, which gets many people to ask the question, “Is this the turnaround we have been waiting for?” With the good start and the warm weather that we had in March, there are many buyers and sellers that are quite optimistic about the coming year. More and more of the distressed and foreclosed inventory, that has been a drag on the market, are coming off of the market. Homeowners that have been waiting in the wings to make a move, are now jumping in and buying and selling. Interest rates are still very good and nobody knows really how long they will last, which maybe gives extra motivation to buyers.So to answer the question if this is a turnaround or not, noone really knows, but all signs are good for the coming year. If you are considering buying or selling this year give us a call to discuss your situation. Pete and John look forward to the opportunity to serve you in this important decision. With their experience they can help make the process smooth and hassle free.

Did you know that bike related crashes kill over 900 people annually and send over half a million people to the emergency room? Did you also know that wearing a bike helmet can reduce chances of a serious head injury by 85%? Those are some eye opening statistics that Anoka County would like the general population to realize.


Blaine and Fridley will be holding bike helmet clinics on these dates:
April 10 at the Blaine Police department and the Anoka County Sheriffs office.
April 24 at the Fridley Police Department and
May 8 once again at the Blaine Police department.
For addresses and times go to their website.

At the clinics you will be able to purchase new adult or children’s bike helmets for only $12, or feel free to bring your own helmet in to have it inspected for proper fit and safety.

No appointment will be necessary, and you do not have to be a resident of Anoka County. Cash or checks only will be taken for new helmets. Pete & John hope that parents that need helmets for themselves or their children, will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

When you are preparing your home to be sold you obviously want to be able to recoup as much money as possible from any upgrading or remodeling you will be doing to make the house, condo or town home more sale-able. In every area of the country bathroom and kitchen remodels offer the most appeal and best return on investment. Typically you can expect 100-105% return on your costs. There are some things to keep in mind though when doing these remodels.

– Keep within the boundaries of your neighborhood. Having a high end slab granite countertop may look great, but if none of your neighbors have slab granite countertops, it will be hard to recoup the cost of the expensive countertop.
– Avoid flashy or bright colors. Go with neutral colors. You may love an exotic or bright color but you need to remember you are remodeling for the buyer and not yourself.
– If you are not sure what direction you should go with your remodeling or a good spending limit for your area, consult your realtor. We are here to help!

The New Brighton Historical Society was formed in 1980 by Julie Beisswenger, Gene Skiba, Leone Aronson, and Joyce Kloncz. The four began meeting in 1979 to discuss the forming of the Historical Society. The foundation for the society was Jane Newham’s papers that she had written while attending Metropolitan State University. Soon the organization became a robust, growing group that first met at the old New Brighton Elementary School, which was then the community center.  Julie Beisswenger become the Society’s first president.The rest, as they say, is history. 

The Congregational Church was 1st church in New Brighton
Stock Yards from 1890’s

The New Brighton Historical Museum is located at 700 Park Drive in Long Lake Regional Park, and has many interesting exhibits and displays from years gone by in New Brighton. There are several annual events that the Historical Society participates in including its own annual meeting in April, Rhubarb Fest in June, Stockyard Days in August, Victorian Tea in August, Over 80’s Harvest Dinner in October, and the city Town Hall meeting also in October. For more information you can visit their website.

To see beautiful homes for sale in the New Brighton area click here!

The Kroening Interpretive Center is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and you are invited to celebrate with them! Come meet live animals, visit with costumed characters, make a celebration kite, help create our river of wishes and design a piece of art to add to the interpretive center. Check out a GPS unit and learn about the river on the anniversary course. Cake and puppet shows will be throughout the day. Enjoy the 10-year anniversary by getting reacquainted with the Mississippi River on Saturday March 17th. 10 a.m.-1 p.m.!

Are you or someone you know thinking of listing their home this Spring? Don’t wait until Spring is upon us to begin the process! Fill out our easy form for Pete and John to give you a FREE market analysis on your property. 2012 is looking promising for the Real Estate market. Now could be your time to make a move!

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